Recently, there is a huge rise in the tourism industry that also has driven the airline industry. The tourism sector shows the airline industry is into cut-throat competition with other airlines. 

Summing up several basic aspects like passenger feedback, safety standards, product and services, and such other things end up with the top best airlines all over the world. These aspects also include cheap flightsflight bookings, and other flight-related things. Here is the list of all the best airlines all over the world. You can choose yourself, or your trip planner can help you decide the one from any of these. 

  1. Singapore Airlines:

Singapore airlines got the top position in this list because of the luxury and comfort level it offers. Its luxury is not limited to first-class suites and the business class, but things are much equal for the economy cabin too. Furthermore, this Asian airline initiated two modern and fuel-efficient fleets for the regular international routes. Besides, the new long-distance route in between USA and Singapore also begun within a few months of their discussion. These factors make it one of the top airlines in the world. 

  1. Air New Zealand:

The New Zealand airlines got this second position after being the first for the four years in succession before the year 2018. This airline is renowned because of its innovation and comfortableness offered inside the flights. Also, there is a great level of entertainment and service offerings. This airline was an ardent supporter of its homeland, and every year makes it better by better fleets and features. The connection of this airline is great at international and domestic mediums. 

  1. Qantas:

This Australian airliner is the oldest functional airline that is getting improved each year. All the customers gave the highest feedback for Qantas because of its fully reclined seats means flatbed for international and domestic both flights. Furthermore, they recently initiated long-haul flights from Australia to London that features ultimate luxury. These recently introduced flights are getting best performance rating regularly. 

  1. Qatar Airways:

Unfortunately, Qatar Airways fall down and lose its top position. But still, it is considered as the best service provider all around the globe. This year, the airlines have introduced new Qsuite for business class passengers that is an ultimate luxury and entertainment. The business class department of this airline is newly technologically advanced and apart from everything. But the considerable point is that they need to focus on its economy class to get the premier position. 

  1. Virgin Australia:

This is the Brisbane base airliner and the second-largest airline in Australia. The innovative part of this airline is its largest fleet all around the globe to fly with the brand Virgin. It makes its place in this list because of its new premium economy and economy x class in its fleets. Alongside, its business class services are also high-end, making it the second preferred airline in Australia. 

  1. Emirates:

This Dubai based Emirates acquires the youngest fleets of A380s and the 777s. It is renowned airline covers 150+ destinations within a year. Emirates is one of the most favourite passenger airlines all around the globe. It is the foremost airline introducing innovative cabin service providers and comfy seats. Notwithstanding, there are not any new changes taken place from the past few years. But the best thing is that it still holds its position as world-class services in its long-haul flights. From a long time, it has been the most famous airlines. 

  1. All Nippon Airways:

In accordance with the fleet size, All Nippon Airways is the largest airline all around the world from Japan. This airline has fallen its position, but still, it holds its status in the domain of cabin innovation. All the customer feedback for this airline is on the higher side. It is a part of this list because of comfort and punctuality it offers. 

  1. Eva Air:

This of the best airlines all over the world is based in Taiwan. Initially, these airlines launched focusing on cargo and passenger carriers. Its primary consideration is regular customers, so it initiated new fleets and routes for both domestic and international flights. Also, it is launching new economy class cabins. It is one of the famous airlines that depend on the satisfaction of customers. EVA Air always manages and tries to keep and maintain its position in the list. 

Summing it up: Everyone wants to have comfortable travelling experience in flights until they reach their hotels. Due to this, you need to make flight bookings while considering everything of your need. This list of top best airlines all over the world will help you choose the one most suitable for you. Anyhow, you need to consider your budget too, so make the decision accordingly. 

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